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DDATSL (Data Discovery and Time-Series Locator)

Supported by the University of Wisconsin Extension Division for Business and Entrepreneurship, BDRC has assembled a unique online research tool that is designed to elegantly improve the secure discoverability of the very large transparent Youreconomy Time Series (YTS) database. Data exports can be instantly assembled online thru a web browser and quickly downloaded to your computer for any approved research project.


Fast and furious online application for research

With over 61 million individual U.S. establishments (companies), DDaTSL allows access to the Youreconomy Time Series (YTS) via secure login from any web browser to find (query) and assemble any combination of data and immediately download into text delimited and/or Excel formats for further analysis or application.

Use the links below to become aquainted with YTS, see if you qualify to use DDaTSL, and sign in now if you have an authorized account;

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